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How to Attack and Overcome Your Shyness – Personality Development Video

by on Feb.24, 2017, under Personality Development Courses, Personality Development Videos

How to overcome shyness while interacting with stranger?
Do you remember that awkward feeling when you walked into a room full of strangers and just felt your heart thumping? Or the time you couldn’t get a word out of your mouth in a social setting just because you were too petrified to speak? Well, you could be one facing the issue of being “too shy”.

Shyness is nothing but being uncomfortable with one’s self especially in social situations. Well, like every other problem, we need to attack “shyness” head-on. It’s time to stop allowing shyness from hindering you toward becoming the whole individual you were meant to be.

There are 3 main facets or components to shyness:

Self-Obsession: It is also called the “me-syndrome” where you are overly aware of yourself in social situations. You obsess about everything you are or you’re not.

Poor self image: Backed by bad or traumatic childhood experiences at home or school, shy people always suffer from a weak self image. They always tend to see themselves in a negative light. This exacerbates the problem of shyness.

Magnifying one’s negatives: Everyone’s got a good mix of positive and negative characteristics. But those who are shy pay too much attention to their negative traits or the things they do wrong. They refuse to look at or conveniently overlook the good qualities they may possess.

Attacking or overcoming shyness:

1) State the problem: A well defined problem is a half solved one. Discern or find out which of these facets of shyness you battle with. You may be struggling with one or all three. Once you’ve identified the root cause of your shyness, you can now make an action plan in the right direction.

2) Find your strengths: Every individual has a certain amount of strengths in spite of some weaknesses. Find out what your strengths are-it could be a talent you possess, a behavioral characteristic or may be a physical attribute. An identifiable strength will boost your confidence and help you identify with yourself. This will help reduce shyness. Moreover, try to use your unique strength to your advantage. For example, if you’re a good listener, you will soon find that you can consult or help people in a social setting with the simple act of listening.

3) Focus Outward: You need to break free from the “Me-syndrome” by putting the limelight off yourself and on the people or the surrounding around you. Become interested in learning about others and find out what they like. Weave your conversations around places, people and things that interest you. Your social interaction can highly improve when you do this. Moreover, you won’t berate yourself because the focus is not on you anymore.

4) Affirmation: Words carry an incredible energy. Whatever we tell ourselves repeatedly, gets heard by our subconscious mind and we act accordingly. Now if you have been feeding your mind with negative thoughts, your actions will portray your thoughts through a negative self-image or a timid personality. Say things to yourself like you’re good, kind and intelligent. Don’t underestimate the power of words.

5) Don’t leave an uncomfortable situation: This is probably the most aggressive ways of dealing with shyness. Placing yourself in an uncomfortable situation will remove your fear or anxiety which accompanies shyness. However implementing this step becomes a lot easier if we have taken care of the above 4 points. If you’re shy of reading in front of a class., once you actually do just that, your fear and shyness will slowly evaporate into thing air. You will realize that if you try, nothing is so bad after all. Shyness is all a state of the mind.

6) Record your success: Keep a journal of how you faced a situation that was potentially awkward or uncomfortable and how you did the right thing to attack your “shyness”. Your journal will soon run out of pages if you stick to your plan. Moreover, it will boost your confidence even more and make you a whole and balanced individual you were meant to be.

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Can You Develop Self Confidence?

by on Dec.16, 2016, under Overcome Shyness, Self Confidence PDF

Never give in to shyness, be bold. I’ll teach you how. See the ppt below for information:

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How I Overcame Shyness

by on Nov.26, 2016, under Overcome Shyness, Personality Development Ppts

1. How To Overcome Shyness
2. Don’t let your life pass you by.
3. Think about everything you can have once you overcome shyness.
4. You can’t talk to women if you do not overcome shyness.
5. You can’t talk to guys before you overcome shyness.
6. I’ve been there.
7. I know how you feel.
8. You know what everyone’s shoes look like but not the color of their eyes.
9. High School was a rough time.
10. I was so afraid to just walk down the hall.
11. What if someone talked to me? What was I going to do?
12. It was relieving when the hallway was empty.
13. But in those times when someone says hi, you just keep hoping that they don’t say anything more.
14. But they do, and now you have to talk to them!
15. You fumble through a few sentences and quickly make an excuse why you need to leave!
16. Now for the next little while you keep going over the conversation in your head,
17. thinking about how stupid the other person probably thought you were.
18. You are not alone there are millions of people just like you.
19. But there is no need to let it continue.
20. This is how I felt. Does it sound like you?
21. You have no social life and you are tired of staying home alone all the time
22. keeping busy with pointless hobbies,
23. asking yourself “Why doesn’t anyone ever invite me out?”
24. You have very few friends, and none that you see outside of school or work.
25. You wonder how DO people actually make friends?
26. You are always anxious, nervous and tense in social situations.
27. It’s scary to even walk past someone and say “hello”
28. You have no idea how to keep a conversation going with someone you don’t know well
29. your mind always goes blank or you run out of things to say
30. You are always the quiet, shy one in any group.
31. The one who never said a word and just stood there
32. You are very self-conscious and insecure about how you looked.
33. You just don’t feel good about yourself
34. You can live the life you’ve always wanted by overcoming shyness.
35. Think about the job you’ve always wanted.
36. Once you learn how to overcome shyness, the sky is the limit!
37. Don’t let your life slip by! Overcome your shyness now!
38. Go after what you want in life, don’t let your shyness hold you back any longer!
39. Break free by overcoming shyness! Click Here To Find Out More Information

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Is this the secret to Personality Development in India?

by on Apr.17, 2016, under Personality Development For Beginners, Personality Development Videos

You won’t believe what this strange man from India thinks about developing you personality…

Let me know what your favorite part of the video was in the comments below!

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Top 5 Questions You Need To Ask YOURSELF About Your Personality (number 2 may shock you!) – Powerpoint included

by on Apr.04, 2016, under Personality Development Ppts, Personality Development Theory

Take this powerpoint (ppt) to heart. They can change your life if you really dig in and put them to good use in your life:

Tell us which question (on slide #2) you thought was the hardest to answer!

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आप हिंदी में यहाँ और अधिक पदों को देखने के लिए करना चाहेंगे?

by on Feb.02, 2016, under Personality Development Tips, personality development tips for students

हाय वहाँ है, इस ब्लॉग को पढ़ने के लिए एक बार फिर धन्यवाद !
आप और अधिक व्यक्तित्व विकास के सुझाव और लेख हिंदी भाषा में लिखा देखना चाहेंगे ?
नीचे एक टिप्पणी पोस्ट मुझे पता है कि आप क्या सोचते हैं ।

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Personality Development Tips For Men – PPt download

by on Apr.07, 2013, under Personality Development Ppts, Personality Development Tips, personality development tips for students

Personality Development For Men

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